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Education Briefs

Indiana has become the first state to put a moratorium on implementation of Common Core standards. The legislature and governor chose the delay in favor of “allowing public hearings and a fiscal analysis before further implementation.”

Floridians have stopped a bill that would have connected that state with the federal Department of Education in order to share student data in accordance with Common Core requirements. Education Liberty Watch and Floridians Against Common Core joined together to protest a bill that failed to protect the privacy of child and family data from government bureaucrats and private education companies. SB 878 died in conference committee, so Florida’s data sharing with the federal government is on hold.

VTech is selling the InnoTab 2 Baby tablet computer geared to infants as young as 12 months old. “Babies as young as 12 months just have this natural propensity to want to do whatever their parents are doing,” says the company. Experts at the National Association for the Education of Young Children and the Fred Rogers Center for Early Learning and Children’s Media released a joint statement in 2012 “discouraging parents from exposing children younger than two years old to screens.” (Wall Street Journal, 05-06-13)

Maine Gov. Paul LePage proposes that high schools in Maine reimburse colleges for remedial courses their graduates are forced to take in order to do college work. “LePage’s bill would require the Department of Education to reduce each school district’s subsidy by the cost of the remedial courses and pay those funds to the [Maine] higher education institution.” The governor’s proposals also remove limits on the number of charter schools and allow colleges to start and oversee charters. The president of the Maine Education Association teachers union said, “This is proof the governor will go to great lengths to cause even more harm to our schools.” (Bangor Daily News, 05-09-13)