Teachers Unions Launch Video Propaganda

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Teachers Unions Launch Video Propaganda

The California Federation of Teachers (CFT) union released a video titled “Tax The Rich” that has sparked controversy nationwide. In a similar video, “Fat Cats,” the Chicago Teachers Union attacks Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel and others who are trying to save the bankrupt Chicago school system from complete collapse. Both union-created videos attempt to fuel class warfare, and to influence education reform debates.

The CFT effort, narrated by leftist actor Ed Asner, had to be edited once released. It originally showed a “rich person” urinating on the heads of “poor people.” Viewers were outraged and the movie’s creators removed the yellow stream. The video remains only slightly less provocative without the bodily functions.

“Tax the Rich” has as its premise that “the 1%” do not, but should, pay “their fair share” of taxes. As Michelle Malkin said at Townhall.com, “Think Occupy Wall Street meets Sesame Street.” (12-07-12)

Claiming the government bailed out big business but did not give a bailout to “ordinary people whose houses and jobs were broken by the crash,” the CFT apparently missed reports of the billions of dollars President Obama’s stimulus packages gave to fund elementary, secondary, special, and higher education, extend unemployment benefits, extend COBRA health care coverage, increase the food stamps program, and give direct cash payments to citizens.

The “Fat Cats” video by The Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) disparages Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who agreed to a 17% pay increase for teachers to end their September strike. Accusing “The Rahminator” of bringing a “litter box of Fat Cats” to Chicago to take over schools, the video also portrays Bill Gates, who supports school reform, as “Bill the Fence.” The video’s purpose seems to be to express anger that some want to curtail CTU power. Despite the large concessions given to teachers in order to end their strike, teachers are still unhappy that some schools in Chicago must be closed and that charter schools continue to open in the city. The union seems unaware that Chicago schools, plagued by poor student performance, also face a billion dollar deficit next year, or that open schools have about 200,000 more seats than students.

It is unclear if either video was intended for use in classrooms. We hope the unions would not show such blatant propaganda to children.