Speakers Seek to Save Education

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Speakers Seek to Save Education

The “It’s About The Child” Conference was held in Houston, Texas, at the end of January. Eighteen speakers from across the nation exposed dangerous federal education policies that are hurting children and families. They also offered encouragement and hope to those who are trying to enact reforms that truly benefit students.
Utah teacher, activist, and blogger Christel Swasey says, “We can defend children’s rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happy education; that is, time-tested, soul-enlarging, non-Common Core education.”

Dr. Duke Pesta, an administrator and professor of literature and administrator at Freedom Project Academy, spoke about the “devious history of Common Core” and equally sneaky passage of the Every Student Succeeds Act.

Daisy Whisenant of Christian Educators Association International, the Christian teacher’s union, reminded conference attendees that separation between church and state is designed to prevent governments from promoting one religion, not to shut down religious discourse.

Troy Towns, an Alabama minister and political activist, spoke about why people should be actively involved in the fight against Common Core and against other false reforms.

Utah therapist, Joan Landes said that “the problem with government initiatives like Common Core and its web of tests and controls is that it hurts human relationships.” She offered suggestions to fight against the evil Saul Alinsky-like tactics used by those who seek top-down federal control and psychological interference in children’s lives.

This is a small sampling from the varied experts who emphasized citizen awareness and involvement in education. The entire conference can be watched online with a $7 donation to ItsAbouttheChild.com. (WhatIsCommonCore.wordpress.com, 2-8-16)