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Book of the Month

Takedown: From Communists to Progressives, How the Left Has Sabotaged Family and Marriage, Paul Kengor, Ph.D., WND Books, 2015, $18.95

Paul Kengor says the enemies of communism are “morality, tradition, religion, and God.” Reading Takedown, one understands what communism has to do with traditional marriage and what gay marriage has to do with education.

Takedown traces the evolution of same-sex marriage as it became a cultural adaptation of communism’s goal to destroy the family unit and to get rid of religion. Redefining marriage became a means to a cultural revolution end, as promoted by the Frankfurt School, who were “left wing/atheistic academics and intellectuals who looked to the universities as home base to instill their ideas.”

Followers of the Frankfurt School of thought “[redirected] Marx and Engel’s economic-based communism to cultural applications, from income/class equality to sexual adaptations.” Because “communists will do whatever they need to do to destroy the family,” in past fights they’ve been on the side of abortionists and radical feminists. Getting on board with same-sex marriage proponents was a logical next step.

Teachers unions are radical. While teachers may not be an especially radical group, schools of education at colleges teach the philosophy of John Dewey, who is often called the father of modern education. Dewey made trips to Russia and admired the Bolsheviks. Columbia University graduate, former professor of education, and former leader of the radical terrorist group the Weather Underground, Bill Ayers, is another source of modern educational theory.

Further, the delegates who attend the teachers unions’ annual conventions and set policy are more radical than most teachers. Union leadership embraces the most progressive tenets of the Democratic party. Promoting the LGBTQQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Questioning) agenda and the legalization of same-sex marriage has long been promoted by teachers unions and by education elites based at American universities.

According to Kengor, being duped is “not comprehending the deeper, darker forces at work, which you are unknowingly aiding and abetting.” He contends that some in the gay-marriage movement and many of its supporters have been duped by communists.

Paul Kengor points out the absurd situation in which we find ourselves: that those who suggest sticking with marriage between a man and a woman, according to natural law and biblical law, and relying on biology and tradition are treated as the extremists! Teachers unions were in the vanguard of the movement that led to the decision of five Supreme Court justices.