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Education Briefs reports that nearly 300 “Educators for Obama” signed up to host campaign parties in their homes this summer. NEA delegates were encouraged to host these events to help encourage their friends and family to vote for Obama. New Jersey teacher Heidi Olson told NEA writers, “we need to be a part of politics and that means getting out to the polls and casting a vote for somebody who is going to include us in decisions . . . somebody who is going to care about the people of this country and not just care about . . . how many dollars can go into their pocket . . . I don’t do it for the NEA, I don’t do it for NJEA; I do it for the members and the kids, because that’s who we are.”

Rather than teaching children to be well-rounded, responsible American citizens, the NEA would rather spend tax dollars on “ecoliteracy” subjects including population growth, global warming, alternatives to “our petroleum-based industrial food system,” and vocational training “to prepare secondary students for careers in the Green Jobs sector to build a sustainable society.”

The NEA did its part to ensure that education costs will continue to spiral out of control when it introduced a legislative amendment stating its support for “Federal programs that encourage students to engage in a post-secondary education through financial remuneration for good attendance and grades… students will feel they can afford a post-secondary education, which will be a reason to succeed in school and avoid truancy.” Delegates also called for “loan forgiveness for all students.”

The NEA left students out of the equation entirely when it announced it would spend $208, 030 to “publicly oppose any policy of U.S. Military action against Iran and will restate our belief that diplomatic and nonviolent means are preferable in resolving international political differences.”