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Book of the Month

Hope for America: Restoring Ageless Principles to Education, by David A. Norris. Faithful Life Publishers, 2014, $11.99

When did the atmosphere at public schools get worse in America? Some say it was when atheists demanded that any semblance of Christian thought be removed from education. Author David Norris would agree. He says, “Parents who object to In God We Trust assemblies and demand that atheistic secular education be imposed on all students fit the definition of totalitarian or fascist authoritarians.”

Norris continues, “Avoiding oppression of this kind caused tens of millions of immigrants from around the globe to seek refuge in America.”

How did we get to the point that teaching Judeo-Christian values is prohibited at schools and parents must opt out of offensive assemblies? It began in the 60s when some studies claimed that American students ranked behind the rest of the world in education. Social activists took advantage of hysteria and began tearing down traditional belief systems, instead of improving academics.

It would make more sense for those who do not believe in the Judeo-Christian ethics on which our nation was founded to opt their children out of programs based on the Ten Commandments, for example. But that is not the way it works at schools today.

Hope for America offers ways we can maintain schools as places of learning and respect.

Norris suggests that citizens must elect school board members who will chose administrators who in turn will select teachers who are not afraid to support the “traditional American family, human dignity, and civil community standards.”

He also says we need teachers who “oppose moral revisionism and reject any hint of instruction that could justify hatred or enmity between the sexes and races.” It doesn’t seem too much to ask that teachers refrain from stirring up students with calls for “social justice,” which is a leftist term meaning, not justice, but instead social upheaval based on a victimhood mentality.

Norris quotes Pres. Harry Truman, who said: “The fundamental basis for this nation’s laws was given to Moses on Mt. Sinai.” Norris says, “The rule of law standards include the parameters for civil behavior provided by the Ten Commandments.”

Government schools used to “emphasize” those Commandments, before “supremacist judges” removed them from schools and outlawed their teaching. Even the moral absolutes on which government is based are now given short shrift in education. Students are taught that some citizens are more “equal” than others by telling them that some are more special and more protected than others.