2012 Eagle Forum ALERTS

12-20-12 Filibuster reform!
12-05-12 Disabilities Treaty Defeated!
11-29-12 UN Treaty Ratification Vote Tuesday β€” Keep Calls Coming!
11-27-12 Stop Ratification of UN Treaty β€” Possible This Week!
11-14-12 Tell Your Governor to Say NO to ObamaCare!
11-13-12 Tell Lame Duck Senate: Don’t Ratify Any UN Treaties
9-27-12 Thank Your Senator for Standing Up to Obama!
9-21-12 Stop UN Treaty Calls Needed!
9-18-12 End Work Waivers for Welfare!
9-17-12 Ask your U.S. Senators to support Wicker/Inhofe
8-26-12 Protect your state’s delegates!
7-30-12 Vote On Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Tomorrow
7-18-12 Stop UN Disabilities Treaty
7-16-12 Stop Liberals from Jamming UN Treaty through the Senate!
7-11-12 Stop the New United Nations Power Grab!
7-10-12 ObamaCare Repeal Vote This Week!
6-28-12 Supreme Court on ObamaCare
6-27-12 Tell Congress to Hold Eric Holder Accountable!
6-19-12 Stop Obama’s War on Coal!
6-15-12 Take a Stand Against Unconstitutional Amnesty!
6-07-12 Stop Confirmation of Roe v. Wade Architect!
5-31-12 Exposing and Stopping Sex-Selection Abortion
5-24-12 Stop the Law of the Sea Treaty!
5-21-12 RI State Alert:
Rhode Island: OPPOSE HB 7388 – “The Plan to Steal Presidential Elections”
5-11-12 OH State Alert:
Oppose HJR 3 Con Con β€” 3rd HEARING: Tues. May 15, 1:30 p.m.
5-08-12 VAWA’s Mandatory Arrest Policies: Unconstitutional, Wasteful . . . and Lethal
4-23-12 OH State Alert:
Oppose HJR 3: Con Con 3rd HEARING: Tues. April 24, 1:30 p.m.
4-18-12 LA State Alert:
Call Governor Jindal today!
4-16-12 MO State Alert:
Missouri Becomes Zero in Presidential Election!Contact the Missouri House Elections Committee β€” NO on HB 1719!
4-05-12 RI State Alert:
Rhode Island to be ZERO in Presidential Election!
4-02-12 RI State Alert:
Contact your R.I. state legislators immediately — NO on HB 7388!
3-28-12 OH State Alert:
Update: Ohio House Committee Took Testimony But Delayed Vote on HJR 3.
3-27-12 OH State Alert:
Ohio Con Con Hearing & Vote: March 27, 2 p.m.
3-22-12 AZ State Alert:
Victory! SCR 1005: “Amendments Convention” Defeated in Committee
3-20-12 TN State Alert:
Contact your Tennessee state legislators immediately — NO on HB 1302!
3-19-12 AZ State Alert:
AZ Con Con HEARING: Wed. March 21, 2 pm
3-01-12 We Must Keep Fighting Against ObamaCare Mandates!
2-29-12 Protect Religious Freedom from ObamaCare!
2-27-12 AZ State Alert:
Emergency Alert AZ Con Con Vote Today!
2-27-12 AR State Alert:
Thank you! Your calls and emails made all the difference. Re: Arkansas EMERGENCY Con Con Vote!
2-25-12 AR State Alert:
Arkansas EMERGENCY Con Con Vote!
2-20-12 Stop Obama’s Budget Games!
2-17-12 RI State Alert:
Dangerous anti-Electoral College bill is pending before the Rhode Island House of Representatives
2-17-12 AK State Alert:
A dangerous anti-Electoral College bill is pending before the Alaska Senate
2-16-12 Emergency Alert: Vote today 1:30 on ConCon in AZ
2-15-12 Stop Ultra Liberal Judicial Nominee Jesse Furman!
2-09-12 Stop the ObamaCare Abortion Drug Mandate!
2-04-12 Senators Shamefully Pressure Komen Foundation
1-24-12 Arizona Con Con Update
1-18-12 We are at risk of Arizona passing a Call for a Constitutional Convention.
1-10-12 Tell Congress to Condemn Obama’s Unconstitutional Appointments!