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Hillary Clinton Puts American Families in Danger:
"I will not enforce laws against sanctuary cities."

Washington, D.C. — Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton finally agreed to appear on the highly-rated Fox News show The O'Reilly Factor. Her interview, which was taped earlier this week while she was campaigning in South Bend, Indiana, was broadcast on The Factor over two consecutive nights. Last night, part two of "Hillary in the No Spin Zone" aired, and she was asked questions on the topics of foreign policy, the War on Terror, and illegal immigration. When Bill O'Reilly turned to the immigration debate, he asked, "Will you shut down sanctuary cities?" Hillary responded, "No, I will not."

According to a new report from the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), the illegal immigrant population within the United States currently exceeds 13 million, an estimate that has almost doubled since 2000. Given this increasing trend, Hillary's response should be frightening to American families, who are forced to live with frequent criminal activity committed by illegals in sanctuary cities. Even during the Senate debate of the Grand Amnesty bill last year, Senator Clinton voted against the Coleman Amendment which would have banned sanctuary cities (Roll Call 177).

"It is an outrage that Hillary Clinton is running to become President of the United States, yet she is openly admitting that she will not enforce America's laws," said Eagle Forum Executive Director Jessica Echard. "Sanctuary city policies put all Americans in danger, and as an elected official, Hillary Clinton is well aware of that fact. Do we really want to elect someone who will enable criminal aliens to roam our streets?"

Last August, several African-American college-bound teenagers were brutally murdered while listening to music in a playground in Newark, NJ, one of many U.S. sanctuary cities. Although Newark is no stranger to violence, the perpetrator was an illegal alien from Peru, who had been previously charged with raping a 5-year-old girl, but was released despite his obvious illegal presence in this country.

"If Hillary Clinton will not enforce the law against sanctuary cities, why should we believe she will enforce any other immigration laws or build the fence?" stated Echard. "She will simply continue the Bush open border policies which she pretends to condemn and that have allowed our illegal immigration population to nearly double since 2000."

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