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Global Governance
The Quiet War Against American Independence

In 1966, a Georgetown University professor published a big book about the elite Network which he said controls America. His book approved of their plan for global, or world, control to supersede our self-government by "We the people." The professor had a profound effect on one of his students.

In 1992, that student became President of the United States and Bill Clinton credited Professor Carroll Quigley with forming his vision for the future. In the next several years, he pushed for several United Nations treaties (including some rejected by Presidents Reagan and Bush) which are designed to control human behavior, energy consumption, private property, and natural resources. The President issued a secret order (PDD 25) to place American armed forces under foreign command and in foreign uniform, and he began using U.S. troops as global cops and social workers. His Administration is steadily putting American trade and property under the control of international organizations.

Global Governance: The Quiet War Against American Independence contains exclusive interviews with national news makers on the front lines of the quiet war. This compelling program documents the treaties and UN conferences that are undermining American independence and paving the way for global control.

Senator Jesse Helms, U.S. Representative Helen Chenoweth, Ambassador Jeane Kirkpatrick, and Senator John Ashcroft join a long list of experts who form a disturbing picture of the "global governance" movement.

In Part One, you'll see the Clinton Administration's dramatic push to ratify United Nations treaties that will effectively grant non-American organizations control over human behavior, our national economy, and even our land, private property, and natural sources. You'll learn why parents and families should be concerned about innocent sounding treaties about women and children, how American Senators were deceived into nearly ratifying a dangerous treaty on the environment, and the disturbing truth about the United Nations takeover of American heritage sites.

In Part Two, you'll see how United Nations conferences are intentionally designed to deceive nations into accepting a radical social agenda and how the Clinton administration is using these conferences to implement policies that would never be approved by Congress or the American public.

In Part Three, you'll meet a young American solider court-martialed for challenging the ominous Clinton order to put American soldiers under foreign command and in foreign uniform.

Global Governance: The Quiet War Against American Independence is a powerful new television documentary that reveals the truth about the greatest untold story of our lifetime. It is news that every American must see if we want to keep our independence.

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