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Who Will Rock the Cradle To deal with the issue of child care, you need Who Will Rock the Cradle? edited by Phyllis Schlafly, a collection of speeches by outstanding authorities.

Karl Zinsmeister, Washington, DC-based writer and commentator:
"Unfortunately, a very worrisome pile of research is accumulating which suggests that when the very young go into extensive, non-parental care many — possibly most of them — will suffer emotional and intellectual harm."

Eric Brodin, Ph.D., Swedish scholar:
"One investigation showed that children under three years of age were ill four months out of 12 when they were cared for in daycare centers."

Brenda Hunter, author and scholar:
"Just as the ‘attachment theory' predicts, babies are at risk psychologically if separated from their mothers for 20+ hours per week during the first year of life.

Dr. Raymond S. Moore, psychologist, authority on homeschooling; former teacher, principal, superintendent, university professor, college dean and president:
"As we look at modern trends, with millions both in daycare and in nursing homes, we are compelled to conclude that the earlier you institutionalize your children, the earlier they will institutionalize you."

Reed Bell, M.D., Pediatrician:
"Children in daycare, especially infants and toddlers, have more respiratory, gastro- intestinal, skin and epidemic childhood infections, and are at a higher risk for serious secondary infections, e.g., meningitis, than are children in home care."

Wendy Dreskin, former daycare provider:
" . . . To me, the {9-year old} daycare graduate's words were tragic. He said, ‘I think daycare is a good thing because it frees parents from the burden of children.' The phenomenon of children feeling unwanted is the great crisis of daycare in our time."

George Gilder, author and economist:
"In a new climax of liberal presumption, the same people who paved the road to hell in America's inner cities want to take care of your small children. It is an utter outrage."

Phyllis Schlafly, author and president of Eagle Forum:
"Indeed, families do have a problem meeting the costs of caring for children, and that problem is the financial squeeze of higher taxes."

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