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Eagle Council XXXVI 
Tentative Schedule 
St. Louis, Missouri 
September 21-22-23, 2007
Updated: 9-13-07
Hilton Frontenac
St. Louis, MO
Friday, September 21
8:00 amRegistration Opens
9:00-noonState Presidents Roundtable
9:00-noon Teen Eagles Conference
2:00 pmGeneral Session:

What Our Enemies Say About America — Jed Babbin

Freedomnomics: Rebutting Half-Baked Theories — John R. Lott

The Late Great U.S.A.: Merger with Mexico and Canada — Dr. Jerome Corsi

Which Is the Religion of Peace: Christianity or Islam? — Robert Spencer

Multiculturalism vs. Americanism — Rep. Tom Tancredo

6:00 pmReception/Author's Book Signing
7:00 pmDinner - Presentation of Fulltime Homemaker Award

Address: "Preserving America's Independence" — Pat Boone

9:30 pm Workshops:

Sovereignty vs. Economic Integration — Dr. Jerome Corsi

Teaching the Bible in Public Schools — Kay Godwin

Lessons of Leadership For Teen Eagles — Debbie Brezina

Takings of Property Rights — Orlean Koehle

Saturday, September 22
9:00 am General Session

Confronting Evil — God's Power of Truth — Phill Kline

The Feminists' Title IX Attack on Males — Andrew Schlafly

Is Hillarycare Back on the U.S. Agenda? — Dr. Jane Orient

Report from State Capitols — Sen. Karen Johnson, Sen. Nancy Schaefer, Sally Kern

12:00-noon Luncheon

Address: Are Republican Platforms Worth Fighting About? — Phyllis Schlafly

2:00 pm General Session

Who's Financing Middle East Studies? — Donna Hearne

What You Need to Know About the Qur'an — Bill Federer

How to Prevent Stealing the 2008 Elections — John Fund

Let's Enforce Our Immigration Laws — Rosemary Jenks

Disease Is a Costly Import — Jessica Federer

What States Can do to Stop Illegal Aliens — Kris Kobach

6:00 pmReception/Author's Book Signing
7:00 pm Dinner

Address: Rep. Duncan Hunter — National Issues of 2008

9:30 pm Workshops:

The Pro-Life Stake in 2008 Conventions — Colleen Parro

The Immigration Battle in Congress — Rosemary Jenks

Where the Socialists Are Hiding Now: Energy & Environment — John Hancock

Sunday, September 23
11:00 am Doing the Impossible: Defeating Amnesty in the Senate — Jessica Echard
12:00-noon Luncheon

Address: Overcoming the Odds: Faith 2 Action — Janet Folger

2:00 p.m. Adjournment
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