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Eagle Forum Collegians
A strong voice for traditional values and conservative principles on college campuses.
Eagle Forum University
Eagle Forum UniversityTake a course from national authorities, it's free.
Turbo Reader
Turbo ReaderPhyllis Schlafly's best system for students of any age to improve reading skills.
America's Future
America's FurtureEducational organization dedicated to the preservation of our free enterprise system.
Republican National Coalition for Life
Defends the Republican Party's Platform promise to protect human life.
Coalition to Preserve an Elected Congress
ElectCongress.orgA committee of prominent conservatives formed to combat changing the U.S. House of Representatives from an elective to an appointive body in the event of a national emergency.
 Hament v. Baker, 2014 VT 39 - Vermont Supreme Court 2014 cited in Sept. 30, 2014 column
 Attorneys General Join Forces to Call Into Account Illegal Obama Administration Violations (PDF) cited in May 1, June 19, & June 26, 2012 columns
 Accession to U.N. Convention on the Law of the Sea Would Expose the U.S. to Baseless Climate Change Lawsuits cited in May 15, 2012 column
 Attorneys General Join Forces to Call Into Account Illegal Obama Administration Violations (PDF) cited in May 1, 2012 & June 19, 2012 columns
 House Democrats' health care bill (PDF) cited in July 28, 2009 column
 The Paradox of Declining Female Happiness cited in June 16, 2009 column
 Sword or shield? Combating of-Protection Abuse in Divorce cited in Nov. 28, 2007 column
 Professor Norm Matloff's H-1B and Offshoring Web Page cited in Dec. 7, 2005 column
 Microsoft UNESCO agreement (PDF) cited in Nov. 30, 2005 column    Text version

Drudge Report
Matt Drudge dispatches daily reports with links to all major columnists.
Legislative information on the Internet.   Be Informed!
Independent news site committed to hard-hitting investigative reporting.
News and commentary from a conservative perspective.
Town Hall
Conservative news and information.
Online daily news source.

Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, Inc.
A Voice for Private Physicians Since 1943
Cardinal Mindszenty Foundation
A worldwide, non-profit educational organization -- goals include strengthening and sustaining family life.
Casino Watch
Tracks the social costs of legalized gambling.
Center for Military Readiness
An independent organization that takes a leadership role in promoting sound military personnel policies in the armed services
Coalition Against Overmedicating Our Youth
Educates the public about the restructuring of public school education through such programs as Goals 2000, the Profile of Learning, No Child Left Behind, School to Work, and the Workforce Investment Act.
Endeavour Forum
Australian affiliate of Eagle Forum
Real Women of Canada
Canadian affiliate of Eagle Forum
The Schwarz Report
A publication of the Christian Anti-Communism Crusade founded by Dr. Fred C. Schwarz.
 Action site by Janet (Folger) Porter.
Foundation for Individual Rights in Education
 Works to counter Political Correctness on college campuses.
Freedom 21
 Advancing the principles of freedom in the 21st century
Judicial Watch
  Promotes a return to ethics and morality in public life.
Mathematically Correct
  Devoted to the concerns raised by parents and scientists about "New Math." Supports basic skills in math education.
Mens Defense Association
 In defense of Fathers, Family, and Manhood Since 1971.
Mothers Against The Draft
Defending the future of our children and our nation.
National Vaccine Information Center
  Reliable information on vaccines and their risks.
Obligation, Inc.
 Opposes commercialism in the public schools, especially Channel One.
Parents Television Council
  The Family Guide - What's on for your Family Tonight?
Project Reality
  The national leader in abstinence-based education.
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