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Effective citizen leaders must be equipped with knowledge and facts in order to be independent thinkers, ready for positions of leadership in their families, churches, and communities. An Eagle Forum House Meeting will give you the tools for action. It's time for you to take the Eagle Challenge!
Need for Eagle Forum House Meetings 
A well informed citizenry is essential to the maintenance of a constitutional republic. It is our duty to remain vigilant and informed about the influences that diminish the liberties Americans now enjoy. Eagle Forum House Meetings prepare you to fight this battle effectively.
Print this flyer and post in well-traveled locations, distribute at local events, family gatherings, or church functions.
The Supremacists: The Tyranny Of Judges And How To Stop It

By Phyllis Schlafly (revised and expanded edition published in 2006)

The complete text of this basic book on the courts, with questions for discussion.

Download each chapter separately for each House Meeting.

  1. Judges Rewrite the Constitution

  2. Religion

  3. Marriage

  4. Sovereignty and Foreign Law

  5. Property Rights

  6. Pornography

  7. Life & Feminism

  8. Law Enforcement

  9. Immigration

  10. Elections

  11. Parents' Rights

  12. Taxes

  13. & 14. How Supremacy Began & How It Grew

  1. How to Stop Judicial Supremacy
How to Have House Meetings
  1. Find a friend with a computer who knows how to access the Internet, and ask that person to host a House Meeting. You can also meet at a public library, club room, or any place that makes Internet access available.
  2. Set a time and place. Telephone friends and neighbors until you get 6 to 15 people to commit to attend. Tell them which of the subjects you will be discussing.
  3. Prepare materials ahead of time by printing out the Suggestions for Discussion, the one-page articles on the left side of the page, and the entire page showing additional sources for those who want more information.
  4. At the appointed time, serve coffee or a soft drink and a bagel or cookie while people are arriving, introduce them to each other, and pass out the one-page articles.
  5. Start promptly at 15 minutes after the time set for the House Meeting.
  6. Pass out the Suggested Questions and start the Discussion. Make sure everybody participates.
  7. Invite all to the next House Meeting and tell them what subject you will be discussing.
  8. Adjourn the House Meeting one hour after the appointed arrival time, and pass out the page of additional sources.
Discussion Topics
Obama Built Support for his Spending Bill by "House Meetings" 
On the weekend of Feb. 6, his people held 3,587 House Meetings, covering all 50 states and 429 congressional districts. Attendees watched a 4-minute YouTube clip of Obama urging his supporters to "come together, organize, and stay involved in the task of remaking this nation." They watched a 10-minute sales talk promoting the Stimulus package, downloaded talking points from the Internet, and were guided by a list of questions. Then, they were instructed "it is now our mission" to get the word out about the stimulus by talking, emailing and texting to friends and neighbors.

Obama has learned how to organize the grassroots, get them together in small groups (in the old-fashioned way), and then urge them to "spread the word and build support" (with 21st-century Internet tools).

Eagle Forum is ready to meet this new challenge. America needs you to host a House Meeting for a small number of your friends and neighbors. Eagle Forum provides everything you need for House Meetings on vital issues that will all be "up for grabs" during the Obama presidency.

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