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Study Groups, Book Clubs, Grassroots Project
You can start an Eagle Forum Study Group to inform youself and your friends about supremacist judges, illegal immigration, the devious plans to promote economic integration of the U.S., Canada and Mexico into a North American Union — and what We the People can do about these and other problems.

You can start an Eagle Forum Study Group by recruiting friends, neighbors, church members, conservative groups, and Eagle Forum members. Form a group of 10 to 20 people who commit to monthly or semi-monthly meetings. Arrange a regular time to meet, and you are ready to start!

Send me the following materials:
Phyllis Schlafly Report
 Published monthly.
The Supremacists
We must rebuild the conservative movement, and Eagle Forum is ready to prepare you to fight the political battles effectively. For $20, we will send you a wonderful Study Group Manual containing 8 folders with the materials you need to conduct 8 informative sessions on:
  1. Judicial Attacks on our Culture
  2. Sovereignty vs. Globalism (including plans for the North American Union)
  3. Immigration and Border Security
  4. Elections and Lobbying
  5. Family and Life
  6. Guns & Gambling
  7. Environmentalism
  8. Culture Shock on College Campuses

Each of the folders on the above 8 topics contains a set of mostly one-page current articles (the majority written by Phyllis so you know they are easy to read), questions for discussion, and a page of Supplementary References in print, CD, and DVD.

You can buy a Study Group Manual for each member of your group @ $20 or the leader can xerox the materials and pass them out free to your Study Group. Send $20 today to Eagle Forum so you can start your local Study Group.

Or, an option to the Study Group is to start a Book Club to have 8 meetings discussing judicial issues using Phyllis' book The Supremacists. We have a leader's manual available to lead the Book Club discussions. The Book Club Manual is $7 and only the leader needs it. All members of the Book Club would need a copy of The Supremacists (available from Eagle Forum @ $20).

You can help our Grassroots Development Project by agreeing to be a local Eagle Forum Contact.

Send Eagle Forum the names and email addresses of 10 people (your own and 9 friends) who agree to be placed on Eagle Forum's Email Alert list to receive Alerts about vital national issues and legislation and to take the action recommended. Anyone who receives an Eagle Alert can go on our website, enter your zipcode and send a message directly to your own Member of Congress.

This will build a mighty force to get the policies we need to save America. Send me the 10 email addresses by going here.

The Eagle Forum Contact must be a paid-up member of Eagle Forum, but your 9 friends only must agree to provide their email addresses, receive our Alerts, and take action. If you agree to be an Eagle Forum Contact, I will send you a very special gift: a DVD of my exciting program called "Doing the Impossible: Defeating ERA." This is a first-rate 45-minute program that is so very inspirational because it shows how the grassroots can be victorious despite truly insurmountable odds.

Showing this program requires a DVD player and television. You can have a private showing in your home for the people you sign up for our Email Alert program. Then, you can encourage them to join in a Study Group or Book Club.

This new DVD is such an exciting program. We are not selling it. The only way you can get a copy is by sending Eagle Forum 10 valid email addresses for our Email Alert list.

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