Eagle Council to Host Presidential Hopefuls

Eagle Council to Host Presidential Hopefuls

May 18, 2015

Dear Friend,

We are very excited to announce a special opportunity!  Eagle Forum has invited many of the leading GOP Presidential hopefuls for 2016 to address Eagle Council XLIV this September.  They will each be given time to speak and take questions from our Council attendees.  This is an exciting opportunity for grassroots leaders, like you, to hear from these candidates.

Eagle Council

The candidates that we have invited to join us are: Former Senator Rick Santorum, Dr. Ben Carson, Governor Rick Perry, Governor Chris Christie, Governor Mike Huckabee, Governor Bobby Jindal, Carly Fiorina, Former Governor Jeb Bush, Senator Marco Rubio, Senator Ted Cruz, Senator Rand Paul, and Governor Scott Walker.

Eagle Council has never before hosted a Presidential cattle call of this size.  Many grassroots activists will not receive an up-close opportunity like this, and I hope that each and every one of you will register today for Eagle Council.  Come and expand your network with other conservatives; be educated in the hottest issues at the grassroots level.  Eagle Council is the place to be this September 11-13!  Reserve your spot today.


Phyllis Schlafly