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October 2003

Dear Illinois Friend,

The Illinois Senate will soon go back into session and is scheduled to vote on ratification of the old ERA.

We need your immediate action to phone State Senators and ask them to vote NO. (Senators' phone numbers here.) The ERAers have never been able to show that ERA would give any benefit to women. ERA is a fraud. Illinois has repeatedly said NO to ERA. The United States has said NO to ERA. Let ERA rest in peace.

It should now be crystal clear to everyone that the courts are itching to change the definition of marriage and endorse same-sex marriages. ERA would give the courts the legal excuse they need -- because the word in ERA is "sex" not women.

The enclosed Stop ERA flier gives you all the facts you need to call or write your Senator. Please read it carefully so you can tell your Senator why you do not want ERA to pass. This flier explains how:

  • ERA's Section 2 would transfer dozens of laws from state legislatures to the Federal Government, including marriage, divorce, child custody, adoptions, alimony, some criminal laws, schools, prison regulations, and insurance rates.

  • ERA would require taxpayer funding of abortions.

  • ERA would require women to be equally assigned to all combat positions in the military (and to be drafted if the draft is reinstated).

  • ERA would multiply the mischief of Title IX.

We need your urgent help to defeat ERA. Please phone Illinois State Senators today and urge them to vote NO on ERA. It's not enough that you told them your views in the spring — your Senators need to be reminded again that you care deeply about this issue and want them to vote NO. Ask all your friends and neighbors to do likewise. Keep the calls pouring into the Illinois Senate until it adjourns!


Phyllis Schlafly

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