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CORRECTION: The book and its advertising contained two errors. George Washington's miraculous survival of enemy attacks was in the French and Indian War, not the American Revolution. The 14-year-old who went to Russia as an interpreter was John Quincy Adams, not James Madison. We regret that the author's errors were repeated in the book review.
How to Raise an American Patriot, Marijo N. Tinlin, Morgan James Publishing 2011, 160 pages, $17.95.

Kids used to learn civics and even patriotism in school. Now they are more likely to be taught that America conquers and steals from other nations and victimizes and oppresses her own people. Mother and author Marijo Tinlin offers parents an antidote to make it "okay for our kids to be proud to be an American."

Tinlin shares the stories of 13 modern-day patriots, including how they came to love America and how they have taught their own kids to cherish being citizens of the greatest nation on Earth. Some of these patriots are well-known, such as former Attorney General Edwin Meese III, actress Janine Turner, and Hillsdale College president Dr. Larry Arnn.

Others contributors are not famous, but are active spokesmen for all that makes America exceptional. For example, Reverend Steven Craft is a black American who grew up during Jim Crow segregation, but still recognized that, despite her flaws, America is the best nation on Earth. He is the executive director of Christian Citizenship Ministries, and he speaks nationally about the need to retain American sovereignty. Contributor Debbie Lee is the founder of America's Mighty Warriors, an organization that cares for our troops and their families, and is a spokesperson for the Tea Party Express.

Each chapter has a theme — truth, history, character, debate, faith, duty, sovereignty, etc. — and ends with key points and practical action items for parents. Suggestions include visiting interesting historical sites with your kids, joining Junior Statesman programs, learning about the Founding Fathers, reading historical fiction and nonfiction, and modeling civic participation for your kids. All of these activities provide a solid foundation for instilling what Tinlin calls the five pillars of patriotism: learn our history, have faith, be good citizens, do your duty, and pass it on.

The book also highlights some heroes whose stories will motivate you and your kids to learn more about our remarkable national history. Your kids have no doubt heard of George Washington. But do they know that during the Revolutionary War his horse was shot out from underneath him and that bullets tore through his clothes but did not hit him? Kids will also be interested to learn that James Madison was an ambassador to Russia when he was only 14 years old!

More information is available at www.RaisingAnAmericanPatriot.com.
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