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Kids who are the youngest in their grades are 60% more likely to be diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) than the oldest children, according to a study from Michigan State University. About 4.5 million kids have been diagnosed with ADHD, but the researchers estimated that nearly a million of them were misdiagnosed. (USA Today, 8-17-10)

America's first Muslim four-year liberal arts college opened its doors on August 23rd in Berkeley, CA. Zaytuna College offers its inaugural class of 15 students two majors: Arabic language and Islamic law and theology. The school motto is "Where Islam meets America." Imam Zaid Shakir, one of the school's founders, said he wanted to establish the school because Islam has never become rooted in any land until that land had its own Islamic scholars. (voanews.com, 8-3-10)

Two tests given to 2,600 Springfield, Massachusetts 11th- and 12th-graders contained about 100 spelling, grammatical and factual errors. Mistakes included the phrases "truning around" and "For God's skae," and a note that read "This is the end of the Test," when there were two more pages. Superintendent Alan Ingram said he would ensure district proofreaders do a better job in the future. (Associated Press, 6-29-10)

After a three-year fight and gathering more than 700 signatures, Arlington High School senior Sean Harrington can finally recite the pledge of allegiance at school. Six weeks after deadlocking on a proposal that would have required each school to daily recite the pledge over the intercom, the School Committee unanimously agreed each Arlington district principal will determine the pledge protocol for their school. After the vote, Harrington said his principal told him he could lead the pledge over the intercom on the first day of class in September. (The Boston Globe, 8-4-10)

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