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Nine-year-old Patrick Timoney was nearly suspended for bringing a two-inch plastic gun to school. He was playing with Lego figures when he placed the gun in the hands of his plastic police officer. His Staten Island principal agreed to forgo any punishment after speaking with the boy's parents. Laura Timoney said her son is typically an eager student, but asked to stay home after the incident because he believed the principal was angry with him. (Daily News, 2-4-10)

A study of first- and second-graders suggests girls may learn math anxiety from female teachers. The less confident teachers were about their own math skills, the more likely female students agreed that "boys are good at math and girls are good at reading." Student math ability was unrelated to teacher math anxiety at the start of the school, but girls who agreed with the statement scored lower on end-of-year tests than either boys in the class or girls who did not agree. (Associated Press, 1-25-10)

The San Francisco Unified District school board unanimously guaranteed $62,000 in annual funding to hire someone to manage LGBT youth issues. Meanwhile the district is laying off personnel and cutting curricular programs due to a $113 million budget shortfall over the next two years. The author of the resolution, Sandra Fewer, commented, ". . . we have to prioritize our monies." (San Francisco Chronicle, 2-9-10)

President Obama is seeking an additional $1.35 billion in next year's budget to extend Race to the Top. He also proposed allowing individual school districts to participate even if their state does not. Governor Rick Perry decided earlier this year Texas would not compete for the grant, and said Obama's latest plan is "evidence that the federal government is bound and determined to intrude" in state affairs. (Teacher Magazine, 1-20-10)

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