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An Arizona school district filed a lawsuit against several taxpayers seeking to bar them from asking for public school records, or suing over any of the district's actions or records. District officials allege the multiple requests over several years constitute harassment. An attorney with the Goldwater Institute, which is defending the taxpayers, said officials are trying to silence people who criticize the district's policies and handling of tax monies. Liz Hill, assistant state ombudsman for public access, said she is unaware of any other instance in which a government agency went to court to block access to records that by law must be available to citizens. (wnd.com, 3-11-10)

Van Jones, Obama's former 'green jobs' czar, will teach environmental politics at Princeton University. Eddie Glaude, chair of the Center for African-American Studies, welcomed Jones' one-year appointment as an opportunity to help transform the nation's understanding of environmental justice. Jones spoke of using "green" jobs to bring down capitalism in a 2005 Uprising Radio interview, and blamed "white polluters and white environmentalists" for "steering poison" into minority neighborhoods. (foxnews.com, 2-24-10)

Most young adults who graduated from high school in the last 4 to 12 years say guidance counselors offered little meaningful advice about college or careers, according to a new study by research organization Public Agenda. The study revealed that 67% of respondents rated their counselor as "poor or fair" at helping them choose a college; 54% gave similar ratings for help with the application process, and almost half the graduates said counselors left them feeling "like I was just another face in the crowd." Researchers noted that counselors spend much of their time dealing with discipline issues and sorting out scheduling and other administrative mix-ups, leaving little time for student counseling. (New York Times, 3-3-10)

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