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A large survey found that cheating and theft are widespread among American high school students. Within the past year, 30% of students have stolen something from a store, and 20% have stolen from a friend. 64% of students cheated on a test in the past year. 36% used the internet to commit plagiarism. The study by the Josephson Institute surveyed almost 30,000 students at 100 public and private high schools. Despite their appalling track records, 93% of the students said they were satisfied with their personal ethics and character. (Associated Press, 12-1-08)

The team that had planned to open a gay-themed public high school in Chicago in 2009 announced they will defer the plan and rework their proposal. (See Education Reporter, Nov. 2008) In response to criticism, administrators of the School for Social Justice, which had planned to open the gay-themed Pride Campus, had broadened the focus of the school to include all "disenfranchised" groups, and changed the name to the "Solidarity Campus." Divided over the new plan, which some organizers said "watered down" the school's mission, the group removed the plan from the Board of Education's agenda and said they would try again next year. (Chicago Tribune, 11-19-08)

The Dallas Independent School District (DISD) routinely assigned fake social security numbers to foreign citizens in order to get them on the payroll. In most cases, DISD was hiring these employees to teach bilingual classes. Despite the Texas Department of Education's warning to stop the practice in 2004, DISD kept assigning false numbers for four more years. (Dallas Morning News, 11-14-08)

Columnist Joseph Farah called attention to the inaccuracy of the online resource Wikipedia after he spent days attempting to remove slanderous accusations from his Wikipedia biography. "If you want truth, go to sources that are legally, ethically and morally accountable to deliver it," advised Farah. (WorldNetDaily, 12-16-08)

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