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Education Secretary Arne Duncan touts preschool as the solution to America's education crisis. In a speech delivered to the National Black Child Development Center, Duncan said he wants the government to offer preschool programs to every child. (Associated Press, 10-26-09).

A recent study claims children are less responsible due to minimal household duties. In her examination of more than 300 parenting magazines, Markella Rutherford found that pre-adolescents and adolescents between the 1930s and 1970s were expected to make meaningful contributions to their families, including planning and preparing meals, caring for ill relatives, and even keeping household accounts. In the 1980s, most children were only asked to do trivial chores, such as cleaning their rooms or clearing the dinner table, and were often paid for their efforts. Rutherford notes that "until very recently, greater autonomy and responsibility were emphasized as antidotes to teenage listlessness and rebellion." (The Observer, 11-15-09)

Nurses gave swine flu vaccine to at least three students without parental consent in New York public schools. One six-year-old with epilepsy went to the hospital after receiving the shot. School officials at Public School 335 in Crown Heights explained that the child's teacher mistakenly sent the wrong child to the nurse, who did not check the student's name before administering the shot. (New York Daily News, 10-30-09)

Los Angeles Unified School District's English learner classes fail to move 29% of students into mainstream English classes by the 8th grade. A new study found that more than half of these students were born in the U.S. and have been in the English learner classes for more than eight years. The proportion of Latino students in the country's second-largest school district is growing, with Latinos comprising about 69% of 12th-graders and 79% of 1st-graders. (Associated Press, 10-28-09)

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