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Campus Reform Website Bolsters Conservatives' Voice on Campus
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A new website is equipping conservatives on college campuses for more effective activism and leadership. The website, CampusReform.org, is an effort by the Leadership Institute, which has worked since 1979 to strengthen the future of conservative leadership in America.

The site describes itself as a "one-stop resource, networking, and instruction center for conservative activists to take back their campuses from leftist domination."

Connecting up-to-date communications technologies to a principled stand for limited government, the free market, national defense, and traditional values, CampusReform.org makes possible a new generation of student activism to identify, expose, and combat the radical left.

A frequently updated national blog page displays posts and links to articles of special interest to campus conservatives. In November, the national blog covered Obamacare and Climategate very actively, especially the debate on these two issues on campuses. Conservative group leaders use the national blog to report on successful events and share other information that leaders will find useful. Users can also access subpages for all 2,376 American four-year colleges. Each subpage contains information about that college's conservative groups, as well as blog pages and discussion forums that conservatives on that campus can use to discuss issues specific to their own locations.

Campus Reform connects young conservatives not only to each other, but also to other national groups and resources that many will find useful. For example, the site offers information about 34 different legal defense groups that currently work to protect free speech on campus and to cry foul when liberal bias invades the classroom at publicly funded universities. Other parts of the site help young conservatives with fundraising, publicity, and creative activism ideas.

"CampusReform.org will dramatically increase the number of battles fought against leftist abuses on college campuses this year," says conservative activist Morton Blackwell, Leadership Institute's president and founder."And based on long experience, conservative students will win most of those new battles as they identify, expose, and combat leftist abuses and bias."

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