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An expert warns that U.K. schools are in danger of embracing the self-esteem agenda, imported from the U.S., to an extreme that promotes narcissism and undermines learning. The expert, Dr. Carol Craig of Scotland's Centre for Confidence and Well-Being, also questions the notion that schools should set themselves up as "surrogate psychologists or mental health professionals" rather than "educational establishments." In 2007, the U.K. adopted legislation requiring schools to improve students' well-being. When schools adopt social and emotional goals, they "run the risk of undermining the family as the principal agent of sociability," cautions Craig. (BBC News, 3-14-09)

Student Jonathan Lopez has sued the Los Angeles Community College District over the censorship of his conservative views on marriage. In a public speaking class, Lopez spoke in favor of the definition of marriage as the union of one man and one woman. Prof. John Matteson called Lopez a "fascist bastard" and refused to let him finish his speech. Matteson refused to grade Lopez's effort, telling him he should "ask God" for his grade, according to the suit. (Los Angeles Times, 2-13-09)

A counselor at Seven Hills Middle School in Nevada City, California ordered a 12-year-old to take a pregnancy test at school. The counselor had heard a rumor from another student that the girl was pregnant. The counselor forced the girl to leave class, go into the bathroom and give a urine sample for the test. The girl's family will sue the school district over the alleged violation of the 12-year-old's privacy. (WorldNet Daily, 2-11-09)

Some schools are giving up on the fight against head lice, with about 60% of public schools now allowing children with lice eggs in their hair to stay in class. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommended in 2002 that, because too many students were missing school because of nits (lice eggs), schools should send children home if they had adult lice in their hair but not if they had nits. Since nits lead inevitably to adult lice (and then to more nits), lice infestations may become more widespread under the new policy. (The Examiner, 2-18-09)

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