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A large study found that smaller class sizes do not help to close the gap between high- and low-achieving students. Surprisingly few studies have tested the effects of class size on student achievement, especially given the measure's widespread popularity. High-achieving students are more likely to benefit from class size reduction, which means that reducing class size can actually widen the achievement gap between those students and students with low achievement. The study also showed that small classes benefit kindergarteners and first graders, but do less for children in higher grades. (Education Week, 2-27-08)

Al Gore is training what the Montreal Gazette called "climate-change evangelicals" to communicate Gore's message from An Inconvenient Truth to audiences around the world. Gore argues that nations should adopt carbon taxes to put an "economic cost" on global warming. He has trained 1,000 slideshow presenters in the United States, 220 in Canada, and 800 in other nations. (Montreal Gazette, 4-5-08)

School districts differ in their policies on birth leave for mothers who want to finish high school. East High School in Denver requires new moms to return to school the day after they leave the hospital, or be charged with unexcused absences. A few pregnant girls and two counselors have approached the school board to request a new policy that will allow them four weeks at home with their newborns before returning to school. (Denver Post, 1-7-08)

A Pennsylvania school suspended a student for ten days for taking vitamins and over-the-counter nutrition supplements at school. Soccer player Andrew Figueiredo took the vitamins as part of his training and nutrition regimen. Boiling Springs High School officials suspended him under their zero tolerance policy on drugs and medications, but the Figueiredo family does not believe the policy applies to Andrew's case. When Andrew challenged the school's response, Supt. Patricia Sanker threatened him, saying, "I can ruin you." (WorldNetDaily, 2-27-08)

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