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Virginia Governor Timothy Kaine cut funding for abstinence-only sex education from his version of the state budget. The governor eliminated $275,000 in matching state funds for the federal program that promotes and funds abstinence education. Virginia will now offer "more comprehensive" sex ed, says Kaine's spokeswoman. The governor does not believe abstinence education works, although a study in this month's American Journal of Health Behavior shows that graduates of one Virginia abstinence program were less than half as likely as their peers to become sexually active during the following year. Virginia is the 14th state to refuse matching federal grants for abstinence-only education. (National Review Online, 12-3-07)

A new study supports the impression that today's college students rely more on their parents and contact them more frequently than college students in the past. 40% of freshmen now say their parents intervened to solve a problem on their behalf during their first year of college. Psychologist Barbara Hofer, calls it the "electronic tether" — with cell phones and email so close at hand, some students contact their parents so often that they fail to develop self-reliance or coping skills. Among current seniors as well as freshmen, students contact their parents an average of 13 times a week. (Associated Press, 11-5-07)

California's State Supreme Court upheld a high school student's right to express an unpopular opinion in the school newspaper. Student Andrew Smith wrote an editorial in the Novato High School paper in 2001 criticizing immigration and calling for stricter enforcement against illegal immigrants. His school removed the paper from circulation and addressed the issue in various ways with parents and students. According to the California court, "a school may not prohibit student speech simply because it presents controversial ideas and opponents of the speech are likely to cause disruption." California state law protects student expression even more vigorously than the constitutional protections the U.S. Supreme Court applies, the ruling said. (San Francisco Chronicle, 9-13-07)

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