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A Swedish documentary, From Bill to Barack, showed one clip of Asheville, North Carolina teacher Diantha Harris berating her students for supporting John McCain. Harris asked the 5th-graders whom they supported, and when one named John McCain, she said, "Oh, Lord, John McCain. . . . Oh, Jesus, John McCain." To a child whose father is in the military, Harris said, "It's a senseless war! And by the way, Kathy, the person that you're picking for president said that our troops could stay in Iraq for another hundred years if they need to! So that means your daddy could stay in the military for another hundred years!" (Swedish SVT2, 11-2-08)

Barack and Michelle Obama will send their daughters, 10-year-old Malia and 7-year-old Sasha, to the private Sidwell Friends School. Tuition at Sidwell Friend's, Chelsea Clinton's alma mater, costs $30,000 a year. "Most D.C. parents would also love to be able to choose a better school for their child, but they lack the financial means to do so," lamented the Wall Street Journal's opinion page (11-24-08). "The Washington Opportunity Scholarship Program each year offers up to $7,500 to some 1,900 kids to attend private schools, but Democrats in Congress want to kill it." President-elect Obama, too, opposes voucher programs.

The Arizona legislature passed a bill to limit the collection, storage and sharing of biometric data on children. "Biometric data" includes fingerprints and other electronic measurements of personal characteristics, such as characteristics of the voice, eye, hand, or face, which can be used to identify individuals with a high degree of certainty. The original version of the bill, introduced by state Sen. Karen Johnson, would have prohibited the state government from collecting such data. The final version did not go quite that far, but did prohibit the collection of biometric information without parental permission.

December 2008 Education Reporter
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