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Mexico donated 30,000 Spanish-language textbooks to American schools, and plans to give millions more. Since the late 1970s the Mexican government has exhorted Mexicans who live in the U.S. to speak Spanish. In 2000, Vicente Fox said that "to continue speaking Spanish in the United States is to 'hacer patria' (fulfill one's patriotic duty)." Raquel Romero, director of the Mexican nonprofit Mesoamerica Foundation, described the textbooks donation as "part of a concerted program to educate Hispanic children in the United States, and to help the United States make the transition into a bicultural society this century. It is a way of understanding that Mexican culture is expanding across the border, that it is in ascendance," she said. (New America Media, 2-7-07)

The Texas legislature has passed a bill to require public high schools to offer elective courses in the Old and New Testaments. This bill would promote classes on the history and literature of the Old and New Testaments areas, taught in an "objective and nondevotional manner." The bill would also require that the courses not "disparage or encourage a commitment to a set of religious beliefs." Lawmakers in Missouri and Tennessee are also considering plans to incorporate similar classes in their states' elective curricula. (Houston Chronicle, 4-3-07, 5-24-07)

For the first time, the Classification and Ratings Administration (CARA) will publicize the rules and standards it uses to rate movies. CARA is responding to complaints from both the public and moviemakers about inconsistent rating standards. The movie industry may also add a new warning: "Many R-rated movies are unsuitable for young children." A spokeswoman from the Motion Picture Association of America said the warning responds to moviegoers who complain that other parents frequently bring young children to violent and sexually explicit movies. (Christian Science Monitor, 1-25-07)

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