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Students are dropping out of school in record numbers, especially in the nation's largest public school districts. Among the 100 largest districts, an average of 31% of students drop out. In Baltimore, Cleveland, and Atlanta, only half of the students graduate. The Census Bureau reports the grim results: 68% of all state prison inmates are dropouts. And while high school graduates earn $28,000 on average, dropouts average $19,000. (ABC News, 11-20-2006)

Several states now send home data on students' weight along with their grades, including Pennsylvania, Tennessee, South Carolina, and Delaware. This "obesity report card" with the student's body mass index and percentile is intended to help reduce childhood obesity; but many parents have complained that there's no evidence the report cards will help students maintain a healthy weight. (International Herald Tribune, 1-8-2007)

Media will absorb almost half of Americans' time in 2007, according to the Census Bureau's "Statistical Abstract of the United States." The average American will spend 3,518 hours with media, including 1,555 hours watching TV, along with time online, listening to music, or reading. The figure has increased since 2000, when Americans consumed media for an average of 3,333 hours. (USA Today, 12-15-2006)

Police charged a Danville, PA 6th grader with disorderly conduct after she wet her pants in school. The child has a history of behavior problems and may have urinated on purpose. The citation was later withdrawn, and the superintendent admitted that calling the police was "probably not a good idea." (Press Enterprise, 1-6-2007)

Longer school days in Massachusetts may become a national trend. Ten Massachusetts schools have lengthened their schedules by 30% this year, mostly by adding hours to the school day. Sen. Ted Kennedy plans to file legislation favoring longer school days nationwide, through grants for schools that change their schedules. (Boston Globe, 1-8-2007)

February 2006 Education Reporter
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