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High school seniors are getting better grades, but scoring lower on standardized tests. In 2005, seniors had a 2.98 GPA, which is a high B-. In 1990, seniors averaged 2.68, a high C+. The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) 2005 High School Transcript Study, which compared GPAs, also showed that students seem to be completing more difficult coursework. 68% of students now complete at least a standard college-preparatory curriculum, compared to 40% in 1990. However, on the NAEP 12th-grade reading test, students' performance has declined since 1992, when a similar test was first given. In 1992, 20% of seniors lacked basic high school reading skills. That number has now risen to 27%. The percentage of seniors proficient in reading has dropped from 40% to 35%. (New York Times, 2-23-07)

The University of California system made admissions history in 2006 by admitting a record proportion of Asian-American students. 36% of Fall 2006 freshmen on University of California campuses were Asian-American, 35.6% were white, and 17.6% were Hispanic. Although there are very high proportions of Asian-American students at the most selective UC schools, this is the first time that the UC system as a whole has admitted more Asian-American students than white students. About 12% of California's population is Asian-American. The rising trend follows the state's vote in 1996 to eliminate affirmative action practices in government hiring and public university admissions. (Education Week, 2-14-07)

In the UK, too, tag is under fire. The headmistress of an English primary school has declared that all games involving physical contact are "inappropriate behavior." Children will only be allowed to touch each other when giving a hand to a classmate who has fallen over. Several other British schools have also banned recess games such as tag, "conkers," and even soccer. (Daily Mail, 2-9-07)

April 2007 Education Reporter
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