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Texas Evolution Battle Ongoing:
One Board Member at a Time

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The Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills (TEKS) high school Biology standards require students to critique scientific explanations, including hypotheses and theories, as to their strengths and weaknesses using scientific evidence and information. The minutes and audio recordings of this bipartisan requirement clearly show that the intent of the standards is to teach weaknesses of evolution to Texas students and thereby foster critical thinking.

State Board of Education member Terri Leo says biology books to date do not include scientific weaknesses of the biologic theory of evolution. The censorship of the "weaknesses" by militant Darwinists who want evolution taught uncritically is an ongoing battle, and the field of battle has taken a new direction.

One battle won by conservative Board members deals with drawings of embryos published by German embryologist Ernst Haeckel in 1874 — that's not a typo — the drawings were made just after our Civil War! Haeckel virtually worshipped Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution and wanted to help Darwin prove it. Haeckel's drawings, which purported to show that embryos of various animals "recapitulated" or replayed their evolutionary history as they developed in the womb or egg, were even called the very best evidence for evolution by none other than Charles Darwin himself.

The drawings were fraudulent. Haeckel, in his zeal to "prove evolution", had carved a single wood block "ink stamp" and by inking it slightly differently, or rolling it slightly differently, got ever so slightly different "drawings" from the same block of wood. Embryologists, who knew what the embryos actually looked like, immediately challenged his drawings as faked and inaccurate. Haeckel was a fraud. But with no real evidence to support their idea of a godless creation, Darwinists clung to the discredited drawings. The faked drawings of fish, chicken, pig, human, and other embryos remained in textbooks as part of the Darwinist propaganda.

When the Texas State Board of Education discovered that these very same fraudulent embryo drawings (or modern artists' redrawing in color of the same fraudulent ones) were in the proposed textbooks, the Board said no. Most publishers listened and removed the drawings in favor of using actual pictures. This was in spite of the Darwinists being on record (including on camera) as saying it was essentially OK to continue to use the faked drawings since they so clearly showed students the "truth of evolution"! Using lies to prove truth?

Playing the semantics game, some textbook publishers tried to change definitions to dodge TEKS requirements. For example, one publisher declared that evolution was just "change over time" and used the example of automobile car style changes to prove it. Another Darwinist said evolution was as well proved as gravity - thereby intentionally conflating the law of gravity that Sir Isaac Newton discovered and everyone on our planet recognizes with the unproved hypothesis of what causes gravity, all with the goal of artificially and falsely elevating the status of evolution.

In spite of all this, liberal SBOE members voted down conservative members' attempts to reject Biology textbooks that failed to adequately meet TEKS standards of showing both strengths and weaknesses of Darwinian evolution.

To remedy this, Terri Leo has worked to change the conservative/liberal balance of membership of the Texas State Board of Education by recruiting conservative candidates who could be trusted not to "censor out all credible science that opposes Darwinian evolution." In 2004, Barbara Cargill successfully ran against an incumbent who had voted against conservative Board members' efforts to improve Biology textbooks. During the same election cycle, pro-evolution supporters targeted Terri Leo and two other board members, Gail Lowe and David Bradley, but failed to defeat them. All three conservatives won landslide victories, giving them a clear mandate to continue their efforts.

In the March 2006 primary, Terri Leo once again hit the recruitment trail, and Ken Mercer and Cynthia Dunbar agreed to run, Ken against a pro-evolution incumbent and Cynthia in a vacated seat previously held by one of the members who voted against the conservative SBOE members' proposals. Both conservative candidates won their primaries, again by large "mandate-sized" margins, and face little opposition in solidly Republican districts in the general election this November.

Texas' battles against pro-evolution censorship have national implications. Publishers generally propose textbooks acceptable to their biggest customers, such as Texas and California. With the Texas State School Board's diligent oversight in continuing to demand a high standard of objectivity toward all scientific theories, all states reap the benefits.

Texans are realizing that "victory" is a continuing series of hard-fought battles, and that overcoming Darwinist censorship often is achieved one textbook — or one board member — at a time!

It is ironic that Darwin's Theory of Evolution cannot stand "competition" and remains protected (some would say on life support) by government policy and liberal academics. Conservatives say teach more, not less evolution theory - strengths and weaknesses — and let the fittest theory survive.

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