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Babies spending long hours in day care had consistently higher levels of stress hormones. The damaged brain chemistry affects social and emotional development, according to findings from research groups in the U.S., Canada, and England. "Children in daycares and preschools are not developing properly, and equally as troubling, in later public schooling." (LifeSiteNews.com, 3-29-2006)

After-school tutoring in Minneapolis by a state-approved tutoring provider "didn't produce any better reading gains last year than those for students who skipped tutoring," according to a new district analysis that scrutinized gains by elementary students who got after-school help that must be offered under the federal No Child Left Behind law. Catapult Learning, a division of the company once known as Sylvan Learning, was the main supplier of after-school tutoring in Minneapolis. (StarTribune.com, 4-27-2006)

As more schools consider online access to student records, hacking and alleged breaches into computerized student records at several Massachusetts high schools is increasing concerns over data security. Breaches have involved grades or attendance alterations, and unauthorized viewing of tests and student records. Two students at Brookline High were suspended this school year after hacking into the school computer system and changing grades. (The Boston Globe, 4-29-2006)

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa wants to takeover Los Angeles Unified School District. The idea is opposed by L.A. schools Supt. Roy Romer, the former two-term Colorado Governor who participated in the 1995 National Education Summit where governors, business leaders and the NEA met to devise a national education reform plan.

The National School Board Assn. "unanimously passed a resolution calling on mayors to focus on non-education issues that affect students . . . instead of fighting for control of schools." (Los Angeles Times, 4-8-2006)

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