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Public Education Against America: The Hidden Agenda, Marlin Maddoux, Whitaker House, 2005, 238 pp., $19.99

Author, journalist, and Point of View radio talk show host Marlin Maddoux combined information gained through years of research and guest interviews with concerns about the radical transformation of U.S. public schools to present a compelling portrayal of secular humanism and its devastating impact on education. The book was completed shortly before he died in 2004.

Class activities involve "Islam simulation." A gigantic banner at the front of a school proclaimed: "There is one God, Allah, and Mohammed is his prophet." A shocked parent asked, "What if we put up a sign that says "Jesus is Lord" for thirty minutes? Oh, no! You can't do that — separation of church and state. They aren't just teaching them about Islam; they have them practicing it."

Research into why students in different schools were "dressed up in Muslim attire, chanting from the Koran" and role-playing, revealed that teachers were following state standards.

According to Maddoux, such practices are designed to "gradually alter a child's conscience, belief system, personality, values and behavior." Children become confused and feel isolated if they don't conform. They experience "cognitive dissonance."

It is pointed out that whether teachers realize it or not, they can contribute to "a process of deception, intimidation, coercion, and mind control." Through sex education lessons that include Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) presentations and Planned Parenthood involvement, there is no absolute truth. Right or wrong becomes relative to the situation and the choices made by the group, i.e. "consensus."

Description of the Hegelian dialectic and brief summaries of the teachings of Karl Marx, Antonio Gramsci, and John Dewey supply the pieces that comprise the big picture of public school education today. Teachers simply follow the curricula, utilizing the methodology they've been taught. In an interview on Point of View radio, Dean Gotcher, researcher and author, explained "the need for facilitators — professional change agents, trained in group dynamics and on the intricacies of how to move a group to a preset conclusion." Processes develop "reasoning" or "decision-making" abilities in students: "mind manipulation techniques inside innocent-sounding names," such as Higher Order Thinking Skills, Cooperative Learning, Outcome-Based Education, and Values Clarification. The warning from Maddoux is clear: "The public school system has assumed the parental role." What advice is proffered? "I sincerely believe that every Christian parent in America should get his or her children out of the public schools system."

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