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Pro-Family Advocate's Child Beaten by Students on
Anniversary of Same-Sex Marriage in Massachusetts

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On the second-year anniversary (May 17) of same-sex "marriage" in Massachusetts, seven-year-old Jacob Parker - son of pro-family advocate David Parker - received multiple blows to his chest, stomach, and genital area. The beating occurred during recess at Jacob's school.

Around 8-10 students from Estabrook Elementary School (Lexington, Mass.) were involved, including four of Jacob's classmates. Because the teacher's aide was not able to see visible injuries, Jacob was not sent to the nurse, but his parents were immediately contacted.

In 2005, Jacob's father David Parker received national attention surrounding his objection to the human sexuality curriculum his son was exposed to in kindergarten. Mr. Parker has been at odds with school officials' lack of willingness to respect parental requests for notification of class discussion about homosexuality. (See "Charges Against Massachusetts Parent Dropped," Education Reporter, Nov. 2005)

LifeSiteNews reported on June 14: "Parker speculated that the cause of the attack was most likely what he called 'displaced aggression.' 'If children hear venomous things from their parents, the children do internalize this, . . . I certainly don't want to vilify the children . . . We understand that skirmishes happen on the playground. It's taking the child around out of view of the aides, and the number of children that stood around watching that concerns us.'"

Responding to inquiry about whether he was considering taking his son out of the school, Parker replied, "We're trying to be patient and tolerant. We're trying to hang on to the notion that the schools are for every child and for everyone. I don't feel that we should have to leave for an injustice." But he added, "There are limits to how much patience we can have. I certainly understand why more and more parents are pulling their children out of public schools."

LifeSiteNews also reported, "Ironically, the school prides itself on its long-time involvement in various 'Safe School' programs" that include creating "safe" environments for homosexual students.

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