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Roughly 600 out of 15,000 school districts nationwide are drug testing students in athletic and voluntary activities. A 1995 Supreme Court ruling allowed for random testing of non-suspects. The Bush Administration wants to spend $15 million in the next fiscal year for drug testing grants, nearly double the $8 million previously spent. A 2003 national survey involving 76,000 students "found no difference in drug use between schools that test students and those that don't." (Reuters, 3-19-2006)

More colleges are banning laptop use in classrooms. After substantial financial investment for wireless internet access by universities, increasingly more professors want computers and the internet out of class. Students are distracted with the technology that allows them to surf the internet, instant message, email and play computer games during lectures. (Christian Science Monitor, 5-4-2006)

Two-thirds of undergraduates are in debt at an average of $19,000 to cover higher education expenses. The bulk of debt is for government loans. (The Associated Press, 5-31-2006)

Four and six year old children were recruited for an 8-week study of the drug quetiapine (Seroquel). The trial conducted at Massachusetts General Hospital was to find out if the drug is "well tolerated in the treatment of preschoolers with pediatric bipolar and bipolar spectrum disorder . . ." (Clinicaltrials.gov)

A student tracking program using RFID and technology similar to the Global Positioning System (GPS) has been piloted in Arizona's second largest school district. Last January, three Tucson Unified school buses were equipped with radio devices to monitor elementary students entering and exiting buses. Pending district wide approval of BusPass, Gateway Communication will "give TUSD's 12,000 bus-riders from fifth grade down a plastic watchband, a small black box hooked to a belt loop or a key fob." "Parents would pay about $20 to participate in the program and buy the equipment." (Arizona Daily Star, 5-28-2006)

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