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"The teen suicide rate dropped to 7.4 per 100,000 teens, down from a peak of 11.1 in 1990." Data are from 2002, the most recent year for which statics are available from the CDC. (Tampa Tribune, 12-28-05)

The "Preschool for All Act" - a California 2006 ballot initiative - proposes a 1.7% tax increase on targeted annual income brackets in order to fund preschool for all the state's 4-year-olds. Georgia and Oklahoma adopted a similar initiative. Florida and Arizona are headed in the same direction. State preschool initiatives for 4-year-olds are part of a national movement to establish universal preschool - an initiative that would create a new bureaucracy and expand government control over children's lives. (Fox News, 11-29-2005)

Nearly $1 trillion will be spent on education in the United States during the 2005-2006 school year. The amount is roughly 10% of the overall U.S. economy. (New York Times, 12-11-2005)

American Psychological Association (APA) in a state of professional decline, say psychologists. At a Nov. 2005 NARTH conference, former APA president Nicolas Cummings, Ph.D, charged that the APA was being exploited at the hands of special interest activists in the organization. He noted the APA taking positions when supportive scientific evidence did not exist. Cummings said "one of the worst resolutions" was a 2004 APA position favoring gay marriage - supported by insufficient references. He also explained that APA research is only being done "when they know what the outcome is going to be . . . only research with predictably favorable outcomes is permissible." More criticism about the APA came in a presentation by Jeffrey Santinover, M.D., who described recent legal cases with ethics breeches involving gay activists distorting scientific research findings in order to further their own socio-political objectives. (NARTH, 11-20-2005, http://www.narth.com/docs/insiders.html)

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