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Texas State Board of Education (SBOE) voted on 11-18-05 to end membership with National Association of State School Boards (NASBE). SBOE member Terri Leo made the motion, citing "many NASBE policies are out of touch with mainstream America and that NASBE has taken positions with which the majority of the SBOE disagrees." An example Leo cited was the NASBE policy supporting comprehensive sex education that most Texas voters disapprove of.

Lawsuit against the No Child Left Behind Act thrown out of court. The NEA and school districts in Michigan, Vermont, and Texas claimed that schools should not have to comply with unfunded federally initiated requirements. The judge disagreed. The NEA plans to appeal. (Washington Times, 11-25-2006)

The International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) — established in 1968 in Geneva, Switzerland — is the developer of IB Programs. Up until 1976, IBO received funds from the United Nations Educational and Scientific Organization (UNESCO), Ford Foundation, and 20th Century Fund (now the Century Fund). Since 1977, IBO has received financial support from various governments, foundations, and corporations. Annual school fees are also a source of revenue. The U.S. Department of Education is listed as a "Major Donor" with contributions exceeding one million dollars for IBO development.

State legislators in Nebraska, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, and West Virginia consider school district consolidation. But University of Idaho Professor emeritus Jack Wenders cautions, "Over the long haul, consolidation necessarily sucks power upward, away from local control, to where it can be more easily captured by special interests." Wenders adds, "At the same time, consolidation homogenizes policies, curriculum, pay, and working conditions across the disparate schools below." And, "Schools tend to become larger and more remote from parents. . . ." (The Heartland Institute, 5-1-05)

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