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Academic Bill of Rights Passes Georgia Senate
Colorado Colleges Commit to Protect Political Diversity
Rep. Jack Kingston
Rep. Jack Kingston
An "Academic Bill of Rights" resolution swept through the Georgia Senate on March 24 with a 41-5 vote. The resolution calls for colleges to end discrimination in hiring based on political or religious beliefs and to promote intellectual diversity and academic freedom on campus.

The state senate education committee had unanimously supported the bill after hearings on the problem of partisan indoctrination in the classroom. The bill is a project of Students for Academic Freedom, founded by David Horowitz. A similar bill was introduced by Rep. Jack Kingston (R-GA) in the U.S. House of Representatives last October and now has 35 co-sponsors. (See Education Reporter, Dec. 2003.)

After a bill based on the Academic Bill of Rights was passed by the Colorado house education committee, several state university presidents stepped forward and agreed to ensure that their policies protect political diversity. As a result, the sponsor, Rep. Shawn Mitchell (R-Broomfield), decided to shelve the bill for the time being. "Im hoping schools will take steps to make it unnecessary to reintroduce the bill," Mitchell said. (collegian.com, 3-22-04)

Meanwhile, reports of campus political intolerance to conservative viewpoints continue to mount. At Duke University, where Democratic deans and humanities professors outnumber Republican ones 18 to 1, the philosophy department chairman recently told the student newspaper The Chronicle: "We try to hire the best, smartest people available. If, as John Stuart Mill said, stupid people are generally conservative, then there are lots of conservatives we will never hire. Mills analysis may go some way towards explaining the power of the Republican Party in our society and the scarcity of Republicans in academia." Whole stacks of a conservative magazine at Duke University are tossed into the trash soon after they hit the shelves, according to a conservative student leader there. (heraldsun.com, 2-22-04)

A St. Lawrence University sociology professor maintains a personal blog linked to his departmental homepage, wherein he excoriates "Fascist, Racist College Republicans" in crude, unprintable language. (Wall Street Journal, 3-12-04) Campus womens centers tend to be devoted to pro-abortion and anti-Bush politics and to have no pro-life employees, according to an informal survey by author Mike S. Adams. (townhall.com, 3-8-04)

A Georgia Tech student has filed a grievance against a professor of public policy who rebuked her for her in-class opinion supporting President Bushs health-care policies. (Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 3-25-04)

A Uniersity of North Carolina student who, in answer to a question in English class, mildly indicated his discomfort with advances from gay men, then found himself the target of an e-mail from his lecturer to all 33 students, accusing him of "completely unacceptable," "violent" "hate speech." After intervention by administrators, the lecturer apologized. Another English professor there distributed a two-page anti-war e-mail and encouraged students to attend an anti-war protest, promising they wouldnt be marked "absent." (heraldsun.com, 2-22-04)

The well-documented evidence of the Democratic tilt in many university faculties received another boost when a student survey at the University of New Mexico concluded that 83% of registered voting professors there are Democrats, versus 11% Republicans. (thenewmexico channel.com, 3-11-04)

Two radical Muslim student organizations disrupted renowned scholar Daniel Pipess February lecture at the University of California at Berkeley, ultimately forcing campus police to eject them from the event. Students for Academic Freedom has filed a complaint calling on the university chancellor to withdraw funding from the offending groups, which allegedly have a history of such tactics. (frontpagemag.com, 2-16-04)

Affirmative-action bake sales sponsored by Republican or conservative student groups have been shut down at a number of universities, including Southern Methodist and Northwestern, for creating a "hostile environment" for minorities. The bake sales satirize affirmative-action policies by charging lower cookie prices to blacks and Hispanics than to whites, among other features. (nationalreview.com, 3-8-04)

Outspoken Cypress Semiconductor chief executive T.J. Rodgers has called on his alma mater, Dartmouth College, to stop wasting money on "diversity" and refocus its resources on fundamentals such as civics, science and history. He is running for a position on the colleges board of trustees in an effort to improve the colleges priorities. (sfgate.com, 3-16-04)

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