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College administrators flunk knowledge of First Amendment. Only 21% of administrators and 30% of students knew the First Amendment guarantees religious freedom, according to two studies commissioned by the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education. This ignorance is increasingly leading to harassment of campus Christians. At Rutgers University and the University of North Carolina, the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship was threatened with the denial of official recognition because it insisted its members be Christians. At Penn State, the Young Americans for Freedom were told their constitution and mission statement were "discriminatory" because they identified rights as "God-given."

College tuition for 2003-04 rose an average of 14% at four-year public institutions and nearly 6% at private colleges, according to a report from the College Board released in October. Tuition and fees now average $4,694 per year for an in-state student and $19,710 for a private college. Over the 10-year period ending in 2003, the average tuition increases were 47% for public and 42% for private colleges. Congressman Howard P. McKeon (R-CA) introduced a bill October 16 to withhold federal money from colleges that raise tuition faster than inflation.

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. John Edwards wants a $3 billion federal spending package for preschool programs. He would finance the program by eliminating President Bush's rate cuts for taxpayers making $200,000 a year or more. (nbc17.com, 11-3-03)

Grade inflation is causing employers to look at SAT scores and other indicators to determine a job applicant's true potential. (detnews.com, 11-12-03)

A high-school student has the right to wear a T-shirt showing President Bush and the words "International Terrorist," a federal judge ruled in Michigan in September while issuing a preliminary injunction. (AP story reprinted at mlive.com, 10-1-03)

January 2004 Education Reporter
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