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Top Ten Campus Follies of 2003
A "gender blind" dormitory and a professor who required her students to write anti-war letters to President Bush made the list of top ten most shameful campus events in 2003, issued by the Young Americas Foundation.

  1. Wesleyan University in Connecticut offers a "gender blind" dormitory floor for students who arent sure about their sex. Students who request the floor will have roommates appointed without regard for their sex.

  2. The second most shameful event was the statement of a Columbia University professor that he would like to see "a million Mogadishus," referring to the deaths of 18 American soldiers in Somalia in 1993.

  3. Third on the list is a professor at Citrus College in Glendora, CA, where a speech professor forced students in a required course to write anti-war letters to President Bush and penalized those who refused. When some students asked for permission to write supportive letters instead, the teacher refused and threatened them with lower grades. The college disciplined the professor and apologized to the students.

    The fourth through ninth rankings on the list include

  4. a colleges freezing of funding for a conservative campus group for criticizing two guest speakers

  5. the suspension of a 14-year-old student for drawing a stick figure of a Marine shooting a Taliban fighter (see Education Reporter, Dec. 2003)

  6. a movement to rename an elementary school named after Thomas Jefferson

  7. a ban on a tradition of throwing tortillas to celebrate a university commencement on the ground that the tradition is disrespectful to minorities

  8. a student vote to remove feminine pronouns from the all-female Smith Colleges constitution and replace them with gender-neutral pronouns

  9. a ban (since reversed) on the wearing of a military base T-shirt at an elementary school.

  10. The tenth spot goes to Gonzaga University officials, who censored a flyer advertising a Young Americas Foundation-organized lecture because the word hate was used on the flyer. The flyer advertised a lecture entitled "Why the Left Hates America." Professors complained to the administration about the use of the word hate. In response, the office of student activities informed the sponsoring student group that the flyer was "discriminatory." (CNSNews.com, 12-23-03)

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