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An elementary school performance that included mock human sacrifice was canceled, after parents watching a rehearsal complained about the violent content. The show was a project of 3rd through 5th graders in Pennsylvania's Titusville School District. Titled "Bizarre Bazaar," the show was to culminate a social studies program about ancient Chinese, Egyptian and Aztec civilizations, and included re-enactment of Aztec human sacrifices. One father expressed disappointment that "those in charge" failed to see anything wrong with the production, "especially around Christmas." According to the Associated Press, the performance artists hired to produce the show said the subject matter was part of the state-approved curriculum.

Huntington Beach, CA city council kills DARE. The community just south of Los Angeles has sponsored the program since 1983, but the price tag - $77,320 for the spring 2003 semester - and the fact that DARE does little to prevent youth from taking drugs, caused council members to vote it down. One resident told a local newspaper that while he does not advocate drug use, DARE "is just as effective as if we did nothing at all."

The U.S. National Park Service is making Civil War monuments safe for political correctness. According to a report on BayArea.com (12-22-02), 28 Civil War sites including Gettysburg, PA, stand accused of "southern bias" because they focus on "the personal valor of the soldiers" who fought there instead of on the issue of slavery. Gettysburg is currently undergoing a make-over at a cost to taxpayers of $95 million. A new visitors center and museum "will completely change the way the conflict is presented," and will move away from the story of who shot whom to discussions of "why they were shooting one another." Gettysburg Park Superintendent John Latschar, who got his inspiration from the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C., said the reinvented historic site will now tell a story, "putting the battle into its larger context."

February 2003 Education Reporter 
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