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Florida elementary schools with the largest class sizes earned the best grades for 2001. According to Florida Education Secretary Jim Horne, the 580 schools that earned an A averaged 24.1 students per classroom compared to 19.9 students in 41 schools that received an F. The 353 schools earning a B had 23.2 students per classroom, and 417 schools earning a C had 22.6 students per class. Schools that earned a D (116) averaged 21.9 students per class. Nonetheless, a coalition of groups, including the far-left People for the American Way, is backing a proposed amendment to the Florida constitution that would reduce class sizes in the public schools to 18 students in K-3, 22 students in grades 4-8, and 25 students in high school classes. Financial analysts estimate the cost of this amendment to be $20-$27 billion over eight years. In July, a trial judge blocked the state of Florida from enforcing a new law requiring that voters be informed of the projected costs of some amendments appearing on the election ballot.

An NCES study shows private school students are twice as likely as public school students to earn college degrees. The National Center for Education Statistics also found that students from low-income families who attend private schools are nearly four times as likely as their public school peers to graduate from college. The results are based on data for students who were eighth graders in 1988. The 340-page report, titled "The Condition of Education 2002," was released early this summer.

House Majority Whip Tom DeLay has a website dedicated to teaching high school students about the U.S. Constitution. Visitors may browse an outline of our founding document as well as the entire text. The website includes a display of all 27 amendments with notations, a photograph of the original handwritten Constitution, and navigation links to help locate key concepts. Trivia questions, links to "Other Great Documents of Freedom," and a children's page are also featured.

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