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The NEA gives 95% of its money to Democrats, states a new report produced by the Education Intelligence Agency (EIA), a private contract research firm. The teachers union asks a dollar a month for politics from its members, claiming the money is spent on candidates and issues that help teachers. But the NEA's last survey of its members showed that about 30% are registered Republicans and another 25% are Independents. The EIA report was compiled from Federal Election commission documents, the Center for Responsive Politics, all 50 secretaries of state or state election boards, and the teachers unions themselves.

A New Jersey 4th grader was given Ritalin by mistake. Harrison Township parent Sharie Gaull was outraged to learn that the nurse at her daughter's school accidentally gave the child a dose of Ritalin intended for another student with the same first name. The girl visited the nurse complaining of a loose tooth. Her parents filed a report with local police after discovering that the school had waited 50 minutes before contacting them about the incident. The child was taken to a local hospital, where doctors discovered that she has a heart murmur. Side effects of Ritalin include irregular heartbeat, palpitations, and increased heartbeat.

More than 600,000 college freshmen need remedial courses this fall. Courses in reading, writing and math cost U.S. taxpayers approximately $1 billion and contain material that should have been mastered in high school. By next year nine states will have drastically cut back or eliminated remedial classes in four-year public colleges.

California's state list of recommended books for students excludes American heroes and founders. While many great literary works appear on the 2,700-title list, books about Washington, Jefferson, Paine, and John Paul Jones are missing, as is the Bible, stories about America's war heroes, inventors, and the taming of the American west. Christopher Columbus is represented in only one book as an exploiter of native Americans.

November 2002 Education Reporter

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