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Only about 30% of students enrolled in public colleges and universities graduate in four years, according to National Review (4-22-02). When reporting graduation rates to compare the performance of student-athletes with non-athletes, for example, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) now uses the six-year rate at the standard. U.S. Education Department Undersecretary Eugene Hickok, a great-great nephew of "Wild Bill" Hickok, called the four-year graduation rate "scandalous" and the cost to states "enormous."

A federal judge in April ended more than 25 years of forced busing in the Dayton, Ohio public schools. The nearly 21,000-student district was the only one in the state still busing students to achieve racial balance. The court order was lifted after the city of Dayton agreed to spend $30 million over the next five years on programs to boost academic achievement.

President Bush says testing standards for new teachers are too low. In a speech to 4,000 teachers in Minnesota in March, the president said these standards are "so low that all you have to do is answer half the questions and you're in." He said the teaching profession should have the highest standards possible and that the current testing system "doesn't make sense."

Prominent conservatives advise parents to remove their children from public schools. Dr. James Dobson of Focus on the Family and popular radio talk-show hosts Dr. Laura Schlessinger and Marlin Maddoux recently joined the Alliance for Separation of School and State, headed by Marshall Fritz, to urge parents to remove their children from public schools. Founded in 1994, the Alliance's goal is to get government out of K-12 education. The anti-public school movement is growing primarily because of the politically-correct propaganda in the classroom, including pro-gay indoctrination, and the continued failure of public schools to teach basic skills.

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