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Matterhorn the Brave
Matterhorn the Brave, a series by Mike Hamel, Matterhorn Press, 2001, 180 pps., $12.99 each plus s&h

Are you looking for wholesome, moral reading for your children to replace the books recommended by your local public school library, which are often laden with violence, suicide, obscenities and sexual situations? Are you looking for an engaging alternative to the occult humanism of Harry Potter? Then author Mike Hamel's new series of children's adventures, based on the Judeo-Christian world-view, may fit the bill.

Matterhorn is a morality tale in the style of C.S. Lewis's The Chronicles of Narnia. It is the saga of four ordinary children who have extraordinary adventures, and who learn what it means to serve their Maker along the way. The series' first book, called Ian's Flute, introduces Matterhorn the Brave, the central character. Matterhorn is a brave knight when he isn't busy being Matt Horn, a bright, energetic, 12-year-old boy. The exploits of Matterhorn and his friends transcend time and place, and author Hamel describes their activities with creativity and imagination.

Since Ian's Flute and Talis Hunters - the series' second book - were published, Hamel has received a flood of encouraging mail from satisfied parents. "I absolutely love the Matterhorn books," one parent enthused. "Where else can you get a well-told story that combines timeless values with quantum physics? My kids are already asking when the next one is coming out."

Renee Sanford of Portland, Oregon, co-author of the Living Faith Bible, wrote: "Mike Hamel uses the English language to create pictures that delight the ear and the imagination. Now children near and far will be able to enjoy his storytelling gift in the tales of Matterhorn the Brave."

Hamel explains that his Matter-horn characters first came to life as bedtime stories he told his children when they were young. "After years of prodding from my family, I'm finally telling these tales to a wider audience," he admits. His stated desire is "to deliver an action-packed, fun read based on a solid moral foundation, and to provide wholesome role models that children will want to imitate."

Visit www.matterhornthebrave.com or write P.O. Box 1240, Colorado Springs, CO 80918.

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