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Bringing up Boys
Bringing up Boys 
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Bringing up Boys, Dr. James Dobson, Tyndale House Publishers, 2001, 257 pps., $22.99

Every parent who is navigating the hostile waters of mistaken feminist notions about raising boys needs to read James Dobson's practical new book. Written in a warm, conversational style, Bringing Up Boys is Dobson's road map for shaping boys into decent, responsible, God-honoring men.

His book exposes the folly and even danger of so-called "nonsexist" child rearing, which became popular at the height of the feminist movement in the mid-1970s. "Most of [the early feminists] were never married, didn't like children, and deeply resented men, yet they advised millions of women about how to raise their children," Dobson writes, "and, especially, how to produce healthy boys." He laments that "these women were allowed to twist and warp the attitudes of a generation of kids."

He urges parents to protect both sons and daughters from the "post-modern" views of today's radical feminists and from those "who would seek to confuse their sexuality." "Protect the masculinity of your boys," he warns, "who will be under increasing political pressure in years to come. Buffer them from the perception that most adult males are sexual predators who are violent and disrespectful to women."

Bringing Up Boys examines the gender differences between males and females, as well as the effects of early experiences at the hands of parents and caregivers. "The disengagement of parents in our fast-paced and dizzying world [through divorce and career demands] will show up repeatedly in our discussion of boys," Dobson writes. "It is the underlying problem plaguing children today."

Dobson states that boys "typically suffer more" from parental neglect and mistreatment than girls "because boys are more likely to get off course when they are not guided and supervised carefully." He devotes whole chapters to the importance of healthy father-son and mother-son relationships, the special challenges facing single mothers, and the value of good relationships between children and grandparents.

Bringing Up Boys is the culmination of four years of painstaking research by Dr. Dobson. Written in his frank and authoritative manner, it is an advice-packed and sobering, yet encouraging, delight.

Now available in bookstores at an introductory price of $19.97 through 2-28-02. (ISBN 0-8423-5266-X)

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