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'Lewd & Lascivious' Diversity Materials
SACRAMENTO, CA - On Jan. 16, California Assemblyman Dennis Mountjoy introduced AB 1326 in the Assembly Education Committee. The measure consists of a nine-word statement: "The promotion of homosexuality in public education is prohibited."

Mountjoy held a hearing to inform committee members, the public and the press about what he had discovered in materials approved for use by elementary through high school students in the Los Angeles Unified School District's (LAUSD) "diversity" curriculum. He described these materials as "sexually explicit" and "inappropriate," and read excerpts before the committee from a few of the selections. He offered AB 1326 as a remedy.

Later, he told WorldNetDaily (1-23-02) that "The material is being put forward under the guise of tolerance and diversity, but it's lewd and lascivious . . . and is darn embarrassing. Here I sit in my office reading my porn. It made me turn red, and I don't easily turn red."

Among the materials are Young, Gay & Proud by AlyCat Books (Alyson Publications), After the Ball by Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen, One Teenager in 10, Alyson Publications, and Looking At Gay and Lesbian Life by Warren Blumenfeld and Diane Raymond.

Mountjoy pointed out that "California reading scores for the 8th grade are 32nd out of 36 states nationwide. Math scores are tied with Alabama for 35th out of 40 states. Science scores are abysmal. Public schools need to teach reading, writing, math, and science, not spend valuable time and resources promoting homosexuality."

WorldNetDaily printed this excerpt from Young, Gay & Proud: "There are lots of ways for gay men to have enjoyable sex . . . It's up to you to find what you like and how you like to do it . . ." (The remainder of the quote is too explicit to be included here.) "The book's author goes on to provide explicit details of how 'gay men can make love,'" states WorldNetDaily, adding that these details are "profanity-laced."

Another book, One Teenager in 10: Writings by Gay & Lesbian Youth, contains a 16-year-old girl's first-person account of her sexual encounter at the age of 12 with her 23-year-old dance teacher. The girl praises her teacher for bringing her "out" and for the three-year relationship that followed. This "very conservative Baptist" girl later explains that her parents "do not know or suspect."

At the hearing, Mountjoy challenged parents and school board members "to review these books and decide if they are appropriate for our children. If you have trouble finding them," he advised, "contact the LAUSD. They can give you the names of the 'adult' bookstores they recommended in their 'Models of Pride II' reading list."

Despite Mountjoy's evidence, Assembly Education Committee members defeated AB 1326 on a partisan vote, Republicans voting yes and Democrats voting no.

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