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Is Evolution Fit to Survive?, Audiotape series by Robin Bernhoft, MD and Peg Luksik, CEO, National Parents Commission, five cassettes $29.95, transcript booklet $14.95

This informative series not only debunks Darwin's theory, but makes the listener wonder how evolution can possibly be taught as established scientific fact in most of America's public school classrooms. Guided by veteran education activist and researcher, Peg Luksik, the impeccably-credentialed Bernhoft examines the scientific evidence for and against Darwin's theory in terms the layman can understand. He shows that evolution is actually a religion and not scientific at all.

Luksik and Bernhoft set the stage by introducing Charles Darwin and exposing the truth about the famous Scopes "monkey trial," which included no evidence about evolution. They examine the fossil record, often hailed as providing strong support for Darwinian evolution. Dr. Bernhoft explains that no "intermediate" life forms have been discovered that could prove evolution, and the fossil record today is virtually complete.

The series demonstrates the virtual impossibility of life occurring spontaneously on earth, given the established laws of nature. Dr. Berhoft describes anatomic records proving that even creatures with similar structures attain them from different starting points, by different routes and from different ancestors. He guides the listener through an absorbing examination of the human body, showing that its extremely complicated structures could not possibly have developed gradually.

Bernhoft notes that, unable to circumvent these obvious problems, many scientists are unwilling to accept the alternative belief in special creation and are left with nothing. He quotes his former Harvard biology professor, the famous scientist Dr. George Wald, who admitted in 1954 that believing in spontaneous generation is "a philosophical necessity" for many scientists.

During the past several years, the evolution debate has assumed new life, with states such as Pennsylvania attempting to mandate that every child, as a requirement for graduation, pass competency tests to demonstrate his knowledge and acceptance of evolution as the only mechanism by which life originated and grew on this planet. Is Evolution Fit to Survive? was developed to give parents and teachers access to the important information pro-evolution forces seem determined to keep from them.

Write National Parents Commission, 206 1/2 Habicht St., Johnstown, PA 15906, or call 814/532-6534, email: info@nationalparents.org.

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