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Icons of Evolution
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Icons of Evolution, Jonathan Wells, Regnery Publishing, 2000, 248 pps., $27.95 The premise of biologist Dr. Jonathan Wells' shocking new book can be summarized in one sentence: "Students and the public are being systematically misinformed about the evidence for evolution."

The "icons of evolution" to which the title refers are the common examples given by most biologists to "prove" Darwin's theory. Wells exposes the fakery and fraud behind these "icons" in an absorbing, understandable and informative way.

All biologists give the same set of examples to "prove" evolution, Wells writes, because "all of them learned biology from the same few textbooks using the same examples which, in one way or another, misrepresent the truth." This common version of our origins, he notes, "assumes the exact opposite of what scientists now believe was the environment on the early earth."

Wells explains that "in Darwin's lifetime the evidence in favor of his theory was much too meager to support sweeping claims about human nature. Nonetheless, his view was soon enshrined in drawings that showed a knuckle-walking ape evolving through a series of intermediate forms into an upright being." Wells argues that Darwin's theory was simply "a restatement of materialistic philosophy," because it predated any fossil evidence of "ancestor-descendant relationships."

Why is the narrow interpretation of evidence promoted by "dogmatic Darwinists" allowed to remain enshrined in American life? Wells contends that it is because "Darwinists dominate the biological sciences, and use their position of dominance to censor dissenting viewpoints." Critics are labeled "unscientific," their articles are rejected by mainstream journals, and they are denied funding by government agencies who send grant proposals to the dogmatists for "peer review." "Evidence against the Darwinian view simply disappears," writes Wells, "like witnesses against the Mob."

The author warns that American taxpayers are footing the bill for most Darwinian research done in the U.S. through the National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation, NASA, and the public education system. He advises concerned citizens to "call for Congressional hearings on the way federal money is distributed by these government agencies and systems."

Call Regnery at 202/216-0601, fax 202/216-0612.

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