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GLSEN's Gay Lesson Plans for Elementary Schoolchildren
ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, IL - Members of the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) discussed plans to teach young children about homosexuality and campaign against the Boy Scouts at its annual national conference held Oct. 6-8, 2000.

According to Peter LaBarbera, Director of the Americans for Truth Project, several conference workshops focused on how to discuss homosexual and transsexual issues with elementary schoolchildren. Another panel explored pro-gay picture books for toddlers. "It is outrageous that GLSEN advocates pro-gay 'lessons' for kids who don't even know what sex is yet," LaBarbera said.

A workshop entitled "Appreciating a Broader Canvas: How Teachers Understand Gay and Lesbian Content Integration in Elementary Social Studies" taught participants how to incorporate pro-gay themes into family studies for grades K-3, and into U.S. immigration history for grades 4-6. The K-3 lesson plan advised teachers to help students "recognize diverse family constellations" by encouraging discussion of family differences and by showing photographs from a book entitled Celebrating Families, which includes lesbian mothers and adopted daughters.

Reporter Allyson Smith, writing for WorldNetDaily (10-11-00), noted that this year's conference theme, "Ending the Hate Beginning in School," "highlighted GLSEN's contention that teaching pro-homosexual lessons to young schoolchildren is an appropriate way to combat 'homophobia' and 'hatred' directed at homosexuals." GLSEN also announced plans to pressure schools to lobby school districts to stop allowing the Boy Scouts access to students and facilities.

Smith relates that, in one conference session, the film "That's a Family!" - the second by lesbian activists Debra Chasnoff and Helen Cohen - was shown, featuring children from a wide variety of family structures, including gays and lesbians. The film compares gay groups to interracial families. (Chasnoff and Cohen's first film was "It's Elementary," which featured in-class pro-homosexual discussions in elementary schools. (See Education Reporter, May 1999.)

In another workshop, attendees were given a handout that offered ways to promote the gay agenda in geometry classes using "known political symbols" to study shapes. The symbols included "a pink triangle, a yellow star of David, a political flag, and the purple teletubbie character." "While the geometry lesson is the goal," the handout stated, "history and political information surrounding the shape is introduced."

A day-long seminar called "LGBT" (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans- gender) showed how educators can "come out" to their students in a series of five steps, from "In (the closet)" to "Out (of the closet)." Another session called "Responding to the Right Wing" stressed the concept of "respect for others," but repeatedly used the terms "radical right," "religious right," and "right wing."

Dozens of high school students were among the 800 people attending the conference. While presenters stressed that pro-homosexual lessons should be "age-appropriate," conference giveaways (presumably available to the teens) included a "Visitor's Companion," which advertised Chicago's homosexual "leather" bars, a sex club and a homosexual bath house.

National Education Association (NEA) President Bob Chase gave the keynote address at the conference, insisting that he was there "out of concern for the children our members teach." Chase said: "It's simply a matter of protecting all children and school employees. It's an education issue . . . "

LaBarbera asserts that, despite GLSEN's rhetoric about "safety," the organization poses a threat to children, especially boys who are uninformed about the serious health risks of the homosexual lifestyle. "GLSEN is manipulating the minds of innocent children," he warns. "Most parents are unaware that homosexual activists are working directly with educators to promote an extreme sexual and gender ethic. It is time for GLSEN's privileged status in America's schools to end."

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